Sustainable Practices

At Baillie-Grohman Estate Winery, our goal is to farm in an environmentally responsible way and to be carbon neutral at the end of each year. We are committed to the environmental integrity of our wines.


While we are not formally certified, we use organic practices in the vineyard. Once we know more about our vineyard we may consider becoming organic. In the meantime we hand thin and rub buds for shoot removal, and use as little intervention as possible. As the Creston area is not a traditional grape growing district, there is not a lot of disease to be concerned about. We also avoid sprays, as they harm the beneficial insects we encourage and support by mowing between the rows only once per month. All compostable products created as a result of the winemaking process are put back into the vineyard.


The winery building itself is energy efficient with 60 solar panels on the winery roof. As we aim for carbon neutrality annually, the surplus power generated from the solar panels goes back into the grid.